My thoughts about the new Nintendo 3DS emulator “Ultima3DS”


I just tested the fairly new Nintendo 3DS emulator Ultima3DS, after I saw a lot of people on Tumblr talking about it, and I thought that I should write down my thoughts about it.

The first thing I noticed was how professional the official website of Ultima3DS looks. It seems like they invested a lot of time into making it.

Another thing that I have noticed is that the creators are no amateurs when it comes to promotion and public relations.

They offer a so called “bundle” that rotates on a weekly basis, that includes the latest version of the emulator together with two Nintendo 3DS games.

That’s a pretty smart move, because it animates people to return to their site on a regular basis, which keeps Ultima3DS relevant and their ranking on Google high.

They also placed some cool floating social buttons on their site that follow you as you scroll down. I haven’t seen that before and I really like the idea.

Once you reached the download page you are required to complete one of those annoying surveys to download the bundle. They say it is to prevent bots and scripts from abusing their service, but I think the reality is that they make money of every survey that is filled out. I don’t mind to fill out a survey to support the creators, but I think it should be optional instead of mandatory. I am sure a lot of people would do it as a form of thank you.

Anyways, after you completed the survey you get an archive that includes the Ultima3DS installer and the games that are currently part of the bundle. The included games this week are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The installation itself is very straight forward and requires about 1.5 GB.

Once you successfully installed the emulator you need to run it as admin and open your game directly through the emulator itself.

I decided to play Pokemon X and I have to say that the game quality is pretty high for a 3DS emulator. It is not the same as playing on a real Nintendo 3DS, but it comes close.

The resolution is very clean and smooth, without any noticeable lag and the sound quality is also very clear. I would even say that you would not spot a difference between emulator sound and original.

Ultima3DS allows you to create custom user profiles and game controls, so that you can use a game pad instead of your keyboard.

You can also enable a real time clock with timezone, so that day and night change accordingly to the real world. Great feature that orients itself on your computer time.

The only real downside that I noticed is that you can not play games from older generations. Game Boy Advance games for example are not compatible.

I personally think that Ultima3DS is a very good emulator for Nintendo 3DS games and I think that it will establish itself as the “go to” 3DS emulator, just like Project 64 did for Nintendo 64 games.

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